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Welcome to Counseling to Faith
My name is Harry S Davis and welcome to the Counseling To Faith web site. At the heart of this ministry is the principle that when ministering to people, Jesus addressed their difficulties having faith in God. Consequently, helping people access God’s help is our primary focus. Jesus taught this in what we know as the Parable of the Sower and Soils. In regard to this parable He made two compelling statements. He said that His parables contained the secrets of the Kingdom of God and that this parable was crucial in understanding all his other parables. He referred to people’s struggle in having faith in Him and He identified four soils (conditions) in this parable. One was the healthy and productive soil and the other three were each damaged in their own specific way. I have written two books in the Counseling to Faith series, which are CTF I - Learning the Ways of the Wonderful Counselor and CTF II - He Restores My Soul. More information about them and the ministry associated with them are on the Services Offered and Books pages of this site.

I have been a counselor since 1976, and I have been a Clinical Director/Treatment Manager for over 30 years in the Substance Abuse/Addiction counseling field. My Master’s degree is in Counseling from a Christian perspective from Liberty University. I also have had a Christian Counseling practice and have been the Ministry Leader for Celebrate Recovery in a church setting. More information about my background can be found on the Authors page.

I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and an article of mine was published in their journal “Transformation,” and it is located below. Although this was written to professional counselors, this teaching of Jesus applies to all of us both personally and to our interactions/ministry to others. Self-management is one of the primary assigned tasks by God to all people and receiving His help to accomplish this is essential. Everything about this ministry is designed to help people achieve success in this area.
UPDATE: Published article in recent edition of AACC's "Transformation" newsletter 
(pgs. 6-8)